Friday, June 25, 2010

Re: finger dance II

My speed test result. Quite miserable, I would say.
Wanna know how fast (and accurate) you're typing?
Head on to:

Interestingly, there's an alternative keyboard layout other than the normal (QWERTY) ones that we're using. It's called Dvorak. I only knew it now.

Dvorak keyboard layout:
Dvorak keyboard
the keyboard designed by August Dvorak in 1936, an efficiency fanatic, a professor of the University of Washington, and a cousin of Antonin Dvorak - the composer.
Dvorak arranged letters according to frequency, placed common letters on the home row and made the stronger fingers do most of the work. It significantly reduced fingers movement which is the reason for increased comfort and speed and diminishing RSI syndromes.
Rough typing rhythm is supported by placing vowels on the left hand home row and most common consonance on the right hand home row.
More on Dvorak here (Wikipedia).
I for one won't be adding that skills in my arsenal for sure, unless if I'm bored I'd try it for fun.
Go to for interesting ways to learn typing online.
If you're adventurous enough, google 'online typing tutor game' and explore. For now, I'm lessening my mistakes by practicing (or type very slowly).
Interesting note: the alphabets in TYPEWRITER are located on the top row of a QWERTY keyboard.
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davis said...

my speed test is between 70 and 75

akmalhizam said...

Wow! That's commendable, Davis.