Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DVD: An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

I was on duty for MMHE's booth for Iskandar Malaysia Career Expo a few Sundays ago. My first time taking part in such event, and it was quite a good experience. A chance to contribute something for the company, while my riding Sunday being compensated justly (at least for me) in various ways. The expo was held in a spacious exhibition hall sited next to Danga City Mall in Johor Bahru. Not many participating companies; less than 50. Many visitors, though understandably most of them are fresh graduates. Enough to make the booths busy, I would say.
 In my day-to-day in the office, I'm sitting most of the time. Standing at the booth for at least half the day, my 9 to 5 duty ended with me feeling a bit exhausted. Not eventful, but not boring either.
I took the chance to browse around the mall after the expo wrapped up. Found a charity shop selling second hand items. Also a nice second hand book on level 4. I must have spent more than an hour in there browsing the shelves.
Curiously, the books are arranged by the authors' names. Normal? Nope. For they arranged it alphabetically using the authors' first names.
Besides books, they also have dolls (Barbie & Ken with accessories), magazines, CDs, DVDs, Coke collection (cans, bottles, other Coke items), and selected second hand collectibles (for those who collects old junks).
I found a 2006 original DVD without a price tag in its original packaging sitting lonely on a CD rack. The plastic cover has frayed, though. I took it to the counter, and the shopkeeper inspected before deciding that the price for me to pay is RM5. That's just great, an original 'An Inconvenient Truth' DVD for only a fiver.
Only a few days after that I managed to watch it. Quite dramatic, eye opening, and it shows the whole picture of what's Global Warming is all about.
Sneak peek of what's inside: melting ice (why, how, where), global temperature arising consistently with CO2 level in the atmosphere, Katrina (how, effect), extreme rain and drought, propaganda, and many more.
If you'd like to know what's happening to the earth with Global Warming, and have 95 minutes to spare for watching a presentation by Al Gore, I can lend the DVD to you. I assure you, GW won't be a cliché anymore.
Oh, I love the credits at the end. They presented tips on how to help with GW. I smiled when 'ride a bicycle' is mentioned.
Like I said, the Sunday was compensated in various ways, and this DVD is one of them.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Name is Red, Pirate Latitudes and Famous Five

I went to MPH City Square JB last Sunday to get Marsya's Famous Five book; to fulfill the promise I gave her for getting good results in her exams. Well, originally it was for the morning school exams, but she compensated for the Sekolah Agama's results instead.
I spent quite some time at the Junior Readers/Series collection shelves looking for the book, before I finally went to the query counter and asked the girl to check if there are FF books available in the store.

The books are currently out of stock, being ordered, and would take some time to arrive in the JB outlet. Asked how long, she returned "about 1-2 months". Well, knowing Marsya, she certainly wouldn't be able to wait that long (and I'll suffer the unending nagging). Instead, I asked the girl to order cases 1 and 2 (2 mystery cases in 1 book) from other MPH stores and have it delivered to JB for me to fetch it later on. It'd take 5 working days, and I guess Marsya would be okay with that. Hopefully.
Okay, so I browsed around, after placing an order for the FF book...
First to the 'buy 3 pay for 2' selection; none caught my fancy. Then to the magazine racks. Flip upon unwrapped cycling magazines, and drool over the latest sexy road bikes and monstrous mountain bikes. RM30+ is a bit too pricey for me. I've got the cheaper local cycling magazines at home, anyway... So...
Aha! My eyes saw Crichton's Pirate Latitudes on the New Arrivals shelf. The paperback edition is finally out. Two versions, actually. One is the international edition, and the other one is (I guess) the normal edition. I chose the slightly thicker 'normal edition', solely for the quality and feel of the paper.

Three things made me buy the fiction:
  1. It's a Crichton's novel; and I've been waiting for quite some time for the paperback edition.
  2. 20% discount for MRC member, making the price down to less than RM30.
  3. Comparatively cheaper than an imported mountain bike magazine

The day before that I went with Naza (and Umar on tow, of course) to Harris (Popular) bookstore in Jusco Tebrau after sending Marsya to Ulu Tiram for her motivation camp thingy.
Was hoping to get her FF book in Harris, actually, but they don't stock them at all. I browsed around and was contemplating for quite some time if I should get that Orhan Pamuk's book My Name is Red. I know a few friends in Goodreads Malaysia who are reading it, and also Uncle has read it. Plus, it's by a Nobel laureate. The novel seems to be good, so I thought why not. It has been quite some time I haven't read a fiction, anyway; other than Crichton's, for that matter. I got myself the paperback edition, of course (read: cheap).
There were long lines at counters in Harris, I managed to finish a chapter (a few pages only, actually). Well, it's quite good. The storytelling is something I haven't experienced in my lifetime. It's different. Okay, I read a bit of Sidney Sheldon, too, besides MC. Orhan's style in MNIR is something new. I continued at home, and am up to my 6th chapter now. I'm enjoying it, albeit only a few pages at a time.
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