Saturday, September 28, 2013

Solat: Rukun Qauli

Di dalam solat, rukun qauli adalah di antara perkara yang harus diberikan perhatian.

Rukun qauli adalah rukun solat yang perlu dilafazkan, disebut hingga didengari oleh diri sendiri. Jika sebagai makmum, cukup sekadar berbisik.

Ada 4 rukun yang disebut sebagai rukun qauli:
1. Takbiratul ihram
2. Al Faatihah
3. Tahiyyat akhir
4. Salaam

Moga kita istiqomah dan sentiasa dilindungi Allah.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book: A Brief History of Tim

Time, minus 'e'
Yes, it's not misspelled. And it's not Hawking's famous book. Humour rather than serious; the extreme contrast. Just by removing a letter of a word.
Simply amazing.
Humour, to me, can only be churned out by a creative person. The writer has to weave together a lot of different ideas, common knowledge, history (at times), current issues, and a dash of personality. I rarely read humour books, but this one caught my attention. I really like this one.
I got a taste of it at a book sale held at KL Sentral concourse. I was browsing for some other books that may be of my interest, and I had a quick skimming on this one. Right there and then, I was smiling and chuckling, not bothered about the world spinning around at that time. It is simply hilarious based on a simple idea and the contentes are brilliantly thought of.
Have a go on a few pages of it here.
Unfortunately it was one of those times when I said to myself "this can be picked up later". And I lost it. Perhaps it's the only copy there.
If you do find a copy, please let me know where to get it from, preferably locally (KL, JB, Seremban). Else I have to resort to online ordering.