Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keep Out!

Pasted on Adam's door last night after a small fight with his sister.
Can't help but laugh about this one with Naza.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Re: finger dance II

My speed test result. Quite miserable, I would say.
Wanna know how fast (and accurate) you're typing?
Head on to:

Interestingly, there's an alternative keyboard layout other than the normal (QWERTY) ones that we're using. It's called Dvorak. I only knew it now.

Dvorak keyboard layout:
Dvorak keyboard
the keyboard designed by August Dvorak in 1936, an efficiency fanatic, a professor of the University of Washington, and a cousin of Antonin Dvorak - the composer.
Dvorak arranged letters according to frequency, placed common letters on the home row and made the stronger fingers do most of the work. It significantly reduced fingers movement which is the reason for increased comfort and speed and diminishing RSI syndromes.
Rough typing rhythm is supported by placing vowels on the left hand home row and most common consonance on the right hand home row.
More on Dvorak here (Wikipedia).
I for one won't be adding that skills in my arsenal for sure, unless if I'm bored I'd try it for fun.
Go to for interesting ways to learn typing online.
If you're adventurous enough, google 'online typing tutor game' and explore. For now, I'm lessening my mistakes by practicing (or type very slowly).
Interesting note: the alphabets in TYPEWRITER are located on the top row of a QWERTY keyboard.
See my previous entry here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend (and more) Travel - 5th - 8th June 2010

whoa! in my draft box for quite some time already
School holiday.
Kids were pestering,
"Ayah, cuti ni kita tak pergi jalan-jalan ke Ayah?"
"Ayah, nanti kita pergi rumah Aunty kat KL jumpa Byron tak?"
I have registered for a ride in FRIM on Sunday 6th June. It's about time for a visit to Senawang (to see my parents, not the bike shop).
Wifey wanted to go to Kluang to sample the coffee at the railway station and Ayer Hitam to 'visit' Claytan factory outlet. Plus, I wanted to have the Ikea meatballs with her.
Oh, and Umar needs a high chair - Ikea's Antilop is quite cheap.
Okay, then, seems like we have enough reasons here.
Friday 4th June
At midnight I stuffed the car with Umar's pram, my bike and riding paraphernalia, and left ample space for 2 luggages plus more.
Saturday 5th June
As usual, we went out an hour (plus more) later than planned. Detoured to Kg. Melayu to get some murtabak for Ayah and Akak/Azeem. Unfortunately, the favourite outlet was closed and the other not so nice outlet already ran out of dough. So we went straight out to the PLUS highway, destination Ayer Hitam.
It was a short visit at Claytan, just looking at what they have in store, and for Naza to weigh the options for her dream stoneware stock. Me, I bought a big bowl and 2 serving dishes for Ibu. Ok lah tu.
Went to Kluang heading for the railway station to have a taste of their toasted bread with kaya, and of course, coffee. Not our luck, we were there at 1.30pm, their break time. Resolved to revisit on our way back to JB, and we moved on to Senawang.
Reached Senawang in the evening, and stayed only for a short while. Amri was also there shortly after we came, and it was quite merry. Wanted to stay longer, but have to move on to the final destination - Kuala Lumpur.
Wanted to go to Ikea for dinner, but instead we went to Jalan Gombak to sample Uzbek dishes offered at Le Chateau de Puah, as it was already late. It didn't take long for our food to be served, and they're delicious, all of them. The ambience of the place is nice too. Relaxing. Oh, and they've got this one big orange tabby too. Always a plus to have a cat lazing around at an eating place.
Took a turn to Jalan Sentul after leaving Kg. Puah, for a brief visit to my primary and secondary schools to feed Marsya's curiosity. My oh my, the area is now very different from what it used to be. The school itself, it looks like a prison from the outset.
The next destination was Akak's place to stay for the night - nearby Jalan Kuching. We headed there via the Sentul Link. Also for me to know how far I walked to school during my day, so I showed the kids my walking route from school to home in a drive tour. It was nearly 2 km one way. If my memory serves me well, it was about 15-20 minutes walk, sweating and chat with my route mates. Reached Akak's place and settled down for a good rest quite close to midnight.
Sunday 6th. June
Went out in the morning for my mountain bike ride at FRIM in Kepong. The event ended at about 1pm and I headed to a friend's place in Taman Melewar to say hello and check out his new small bike shop - basically a small area in his house.
Back to Akak's place to fetch Naza and kids, and we went to Legend Hotel KL. It was a very short drive, and we checked in our room in a whiff. The room is spacious, and the upholstery is nice. I love the bathroom. Big.
After a proper bath and solat, we headed to Ikea for our dinner and 'therapy'. Bought a few household items including Umar's high chair, and that's it. Back to the hotel for a good night's rest. I really need it.
Monday 7th. June
I woke up early and got ready for the much awaited breakfast (yay!). Packed up things while waiting for the others to get ready. We went down to the dining area around 9.45 am. 45 minutes for a good whip of buffet breakfast. I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the friendliness of the staff. I had a wonderful breakfast. The dishes are delicious, especially the sambal for their nasi lemak (considering for a hotel, that is. Ibu's sambal is the best, still). Managed to sample everything, including the made to order omelette. Oh, they have tosai booth also.
Bottom line, I'll check in into the hotel if I have the opportunity next time.
After breakfast, went with Marsya, Adam and Umar to the pool. Well, I'm babysitting Umar on the pooldeck while Naza prepping up our stuff in the room before we check out in the afternoon.
We checked out eventually at 1 pm and went to The Mall for a quick stroll. Nothing much to see, but Naza was in a wonderland down in Cold Storage at the basement. Good selection of fine foodstuff there.
After that we went to USJ for me to fetch a collection of unwanted old bike mags. Planned to have our lunch in Subang Parade's food court. When we arrived, Umar and the others were sound asleep. So I left them in the basement parking and get the food tapau. It must have been quite some time since my last visit there, and much to my dismay, SP don't have food court (read: cheap food) anymore. Food are available from a comprehensive collection of 'branded' eateries decked out on the ground floor, though. I settled for Chicken Rice Shop, and headed out to USJ 11. While I was in USJ, I went also to Rodalink outlet in Taipan USJ. A good outlet, but not knowledgable staff.
After solat Asar, we headed to Senawang, the transit before final destination JB. Ayah called and informed that he prepared soup for the children's dinner. How thoughtful; and made me thinking: would I be like that with my grandkids?
Reached Senawang around dinner time, and I was a bit tired by then. That's when I decided to stay for the night, much to Ayah's delight of course.
Tuesday, 8th. June
After breakfast we headed out to Kluang. Need to be there before 12 noon if we were to sample the coffee and toasted bun. Not to miss it again this time, so we went out early. Well, ti was around 10.30 am when we left Senawang. It was drizzling when we arrived, and alhamdulillah we got a nice parking spot within the small parking lot at the train station. Unfortunately, many of the items in the menu were already finished, except for the main attraction.
The coffee? Worth the visit. The toasted bun with butter and kaya? Reason good enough for a revisit.
After Kluang, we went to Ayer Hitam to get Naza's plates. One happy lady she was.
Went towards Batu Pahat for our late lunch after that. I read about Bisik-Bisik, and tried to look for it. There it was, on the right side towards Batu Pahat about 12 km out from Ayer Hitam. It was only us and 3 other people patronising the outlet. A very nice place, but the food could be improved (a lot) much better.
Finally, that's the last stop of our journey. We went home straight from there and reached home at night.
All in all, when I looked back at it, yeah, it does make a difference to go out and travel once in a while.
Leave the $ factor aside, though :)
Photos are here.
Thanks for your visit.
Have a nice day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex (camera).
Senang cerita, kamera yang saiz besar tu lah, dengan lensa bear tu; bukan jenis kompak yang muat nak masuk poket. Mengikut pengamatan, kalau pergi kenduri kahwin sekarang ni dah merata orang gunakannya; bukan sahaja oleh jurufoto profesional yang dok ambik gambar pengantin dengan bersilang kurang-kurang 2 bijik di bahh, bahkan termasuklah awek-awek (selalunya model yang basic aje lah). Macam mudah digunakan pulak.
Sekarang ni harga dah mampu milik agaknya, ataupun rakyat dah makin berkemampuan. Alhamdulillah. Harga untuk permulaan dengan kit lens lebih kurang separuh pakej umrah yang basic, ataupun boleh beli mountain bike yang agak hebat spesifikasinya. Ataupun boleh bawak famili pegi bercuti sakan di hotel/resort lima bintang.
Bukan tak berminat. Cuma tak boleh nak masuk dalam poket, dan tak senang untuk dibawa semasa berbasikal (boleh tu memang boleh, macam brader ni). Amat sesuai untuk merakam peristiwa penting dan tempat menarik semasa percutian (dan umrah).
Tapi tak apalah, buat masa ni aku tak perlukan lagi. Bukan boleh nak ambik gambar sendiri pun. Lagipun it's merely a tool for art. What's important is the composition.
Cheh... konon. Sour grapes la tu.