Tuesday, April 05, 2005

keep it wrapped?

keep it wrapped, so that it's protected?

ever noticed that (in malaysia, at least) many things are kept in their original plastic wraps (or protective plastic film), and kept that way for quite a long time. even until the wrappers are frayed and makes the thing itself looks messy.

you may see examples on things such as: chair legs, car seats, glass display panel on cd/vcd/dvd players, washbasin drain (this one usually with blue protective film), etc.

come on, the reason those covers are there is to protect the surface during transport from the factory (and the shop) to you so that you'd get unscratched stain-free & nice looking things that you bought.

if you intend to keep it that way, no problem. after a certain period of time though, the protective covers will get dirty, frayed, etc. & turns unsightly. don't you think it's time to remove them?

just so that the THINGS do look nice.

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