Friday, May 27, 2005

the majestic bangunan sultan ibrahim

I attended ‘effective presentation skills’ course at ITD [] last week.

ITD JB branch is at the penthouse level of menara TJB in JB town, nearby wisma persekutuan.
other JB landmarks within walking distance are bangunan tabung haji and the classic bangunan sultan ibrahim on bukit timbalan.

as much as the course itself, I enjoyed very much the scenery of coastal line of johor bahru.
from the penthouse level, you could see the cars lining up the jb causeway, the johor museum, bangunan sultan ibrahim, bangunan tabung haji, the lush greens around the Indonesian embassy / masjid abu bakar / johor zoo / area.

[ more on bangunan sultan ibrahim here: ]

interestingly, this is the first time I photographed the building, for the longest time I’ve been living in johor bahru.
perhaps because it is in johor bahru, it passed me by as ‘it’s within reach, no rush there – I could always snap them photos whenever I want’, as opposed to a traveling tourist who has only a few hours to enjoy the scenery and capture the photos while he’s there.
I took lots of photos in penang late last year and in makkah & madinah early this year. yes, perhaps because I don’t know when again I would have the chance to be there, so I triggered happy then to bring home the fond memories.

I really appreciate the buildings in johor bahru. a large part of the architecture in jb is influenced by the late sultan ibrahim of johor. the introduction of anglo-malay architecture is evident in johor bahru: masjid sultan abu bakar, bangunan sultan ibrahim, masjid pasir pelangi, to name a few.

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