Thursday, August 04, 2005

drift away

it's been quite a while since my last post.

and naturally, many things happened during that period.
okay, i missed out on going to the cinema to watch episode III. and now, there's no cinema around jb that runs episode III. that is remedied with a copy of the DVD (and never get to watch it yet, as of today.).

i officially resigned from mesb on the 26th. june and started with mmhe [] on 1st. july.
26th. june being sunday, and saturday is not a working day, my last day as an mesb employee was the 24th.
between then and 1st. july i finished watching initial D - all 4 stages. borrowed them DVDs from Einaz (thanks man!).

and so, i watched and learned what drifting is (i never tried it though...). the point is, the anime is good. it shows improvement from stage 1 to the 4th. a marked improvement.

the anime itself is quite technical. a few of internet reviews even cite that if you want to learn the theory of drifting, watch initial D. in a nutshell. i agree.

i guess now the general public more or less would know about initial D as the (non-anime) movie was in cinemas last month. weirdly, it's in chinese - considering the original character, language and the plots are in japan/japanese. i didn't watch the movie though, following a recommendation from Einaz ("don't waste your time watching it, bro. not as good as the anime series"). more or less. it would be rather interesting though, to see how chinese actors try to play japanese characters.

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