Wednesday, April 12, 2006

east coast trip

back from the east coast trip yesterday.

it was a long drive, but not that tiring. i enjoyed the scenery and more so because we pass through places that we never been to.
no highways, albeit the journey was enjoyable.
not like the usual rides, Naza was awake most of the time accompanying me.

we went to cherating, kuala terengganu and kuala rompin.
i enjoyed cherating and kuala terengganu.
took quite a number of photos. my digital camera is still on repair, so i borrowed Rawani's Nikon Coolpix E3200. quite a good camera.

it was not a destination-to-destination journey. rather, it was a stop-and-go ride. en route to cherating, i stopped for a while at Pekan and took some photos. then to cherating and check in at the hotel.

the next day, check out of hotel and to kuala terengganu. on the way we stopped at chukai (kemaman) and had coffee. i was wondering what chukai had to offer. and, at the crossroad, i saw the red letterings of 'kedai kopi hai peng' on a building. i quickly find an exit and went on to the parking bay. and so, i treated naza coffee with kaya toast.

i'm stopping now, and would continue on later, with photos.

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