Saturday, December 30, 2006

lesson learnt: don't judge a departmental store by its facade

naza had always wanted to go to The Store Jalan Tebrau. i had never registered any interest on it because from the outside it looked rather uninteresting.
we went out to shop for small things and intended to go to carrefour jalan tebrau.
it was raining and there was a massive traffic jam leading to carrefour.
along jalan tebrau towards jb city, however, traffic was miraculously smooth. we saw The Store up ahead - our only option. and naza was smiling endlessly.
so in we went. there was not many cars on the parking area. and not many people around in the store itself. the concept of jalan tebrau's outlet is rather like a hypermarket - emulating giant and carrefour. there are various outlets on the way to the supermarket and departmental store proper.
what i like best was the vegetable section - for its hydroponics. green leaves come alive! ready to be cut and weighed.
there's ample selection of things. and i think, whatever you want, they would surely have it. being a departmental store, it doesn't stock many choices. but yes, they have things that you're looking for.
then there was the bakery. naza and i bought a loaf of cheese bread, potato buns (cheaper and better than elsewhere), and hot milo (for me), teh tarik (for naza - of course).
we sat there and enjoyed dipping those bread and buns. blissful...
so, lesson learnt this time - you have to somehow experience things before judging it. and much to my astonishment, this one was a good experience.

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