Wednesday, October 17, 2007

petrosains @ klcc

If you love science in general, and especially petroleum-related science -
have a visit to Petrosains.
The entrance is on the 4th floor of Petronas Twin Tower in KLCC.
For the exhibits (many state of the art), the entrance fee is reasonable
(as the usual case - if it's free, you won't appreciate it that much).
I paid RM24 for 2 adults and 2 kids package (not sure what's the normal fee
- but with the package, kids get in free, sort of)

Largely it is about science related to petroleum. many are hands-on, which
brings appeal to the young ones.
from the formation of hydrocarbon, to drilling, to processing, to
transporting, to refining, to the end product.
there's a drilling platform, right after you step right out of the
helicopter simulator (Marsya thought it was real). among many others, the
platform bears life-sized replica of the xmas tree, lifeboat, cabin, galley
(kitchen), surau, drilling activities, separator vessel (smaller scale),
pipings with valves and fittings, pig launcher/receiver (not that obvious),
riser (with the 5D bends for pig to negotiate).
there's also a hands-on LED sim of petroleum refinery station.

well, you have to have a visit yourself. understand better about the role
of petroleum in modern life.
highly recommended.

oh, and be prepared with strong legs and full tummy. we took more than 3
hours to finish all the exhibits. plus a mini exhibit 'space' - in
conjunction with the recent and ongoing angkasawan program.

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