Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm sending/replying SMSes from my office PC lightning fast, thanks to Bluetooth connection, and Nokia PC Suite.
Ultra cool! Well, that's one of many things that I could do differently (faster) with my handphone via BT.

With NPS, I could also manage my handphone data, faster. Backup, organise or deleting data has never been easier.
What needed are
  • a pc
  • good internet connection (to download the NPS software)
  • bluetooth USB dongle - got it for RM30, I bet there are cheaper ones elsewhere
Check out what's behind the 'Bluetooth' name - wikipedia

Okay, I'm lagging waay behind in terms of embracing the technology. That being said, it means that I'm using it at a time when the technology is matured and the cost of the hardwares are relatively cheaper :)

What's next? Perhaps a BT earpiece for handsfree communication while driving (only).

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