Monday, August 09, 2010

Finally, a CC

Last Thursday I've completed my 10th speech project for the TI's Competent Communication manual under its Communication Track. With it, I'm no more merely Toastmaster Akmal Hizam, but Competent Communicator Akmal Hizam. Quite a mouthful, but I'm happy with it. The rest of the club members and I would have to adapt to this, I would say. Amazingly, I'm the first member of Seri Alam Toastmasters Club to be a CC. There were two CCs back in the days of MMHE Toastmasters Club, but then we have evolved to be SATC since then.

Being a self-paced program, it actually took me more than 4 years to complete. Hehe... talk about procrastination... For the record, my first speech was on the 17th February 2006. Here's my timeline: 5 speeches in 2006, 2 in 2007, 1 in 2008, nothing in 2009, and 2 in 2010. Well, I'm like wine, perhaps.

So what's next? I'm forging on with the Advanced Communication Manual and be an ACB - Advanced Communicator Bronze. Take that, a much longer salutation! Wish me all the best, and lesser procrastination.

Oh, and for the club, I hope that more would follow suit. This is just the beginning.

photo from TI website


Noraidalin Buang said...

Well well well...a Huge Hug and Congratulations!!!!!!Finally, bro. After all those persuasion in 2006, you finally achieved the pinnacle of basic track in 2010....not bad....better late than never. You should make a copy of your CC cert later and give one to HR for the record. Let this be a recognition for your effort. It's a BIG plus point for you. Good luck in your ACB...

akmalhizam said...

Yes, certainly I will send the copy of CC cert to HR. My eSEP will be a little bit decorated this year.