Friday, January 05, 2007

The Secret of Success

This was given by Samhanin, my sis-in-law.

The Secret of Success
1. Ask Determine the end results that you want. Focus only in
the end results
2. Believe Believe strongly, do affirmation – in preset tense and must
have passion. Act on your plans.
3. Receive Believe that the end result is already happening now even
though it's not there, no matter how impossible it may seem, have faith and
trust (berserah).
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My addition:
In Napoleon Hill's 'Think And Grow Rich', he wrote that 'desire' is the
most important thing in achieving what you want. It's the first
pre-requisite that you should have, and have it strongly.
Covey says in his '7 Habits' that you have to 'Begin With The End In
Mind'. Picture what the outcome is before you start working on it. Like
an architect having those blueprints and conceptual renderings on
computers, before the actual building is worked upon.
In Islam, you should have a niat (niyyah) - telling yourself what you
wanted to do, before doing something. Especially, when it comes to a
specific ibadah. Above all, it should be for the sake of Allah.

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