Friday, January 12, 2007

Science and Islam Exhibition - KL Convention Center, 8-14 January 2007

I went to the exhibition yesterday.
3 hours was not enough (for me). Was there until it closes at 10pm.

Small exhibition, but of high distinction.
great place, great knowledge, great presentation - and those great Islamic
scholars inventions top it all.
personally, it is a top notch presentation. must've costed MOSTI a lot.

As an engineer, I was very intrigued with the high quality working wooden
mechanical models on display. And there were many, many interesting
inventions by a Muslim mechanical engineer - Al Jaziri, in the forms of
water fountains, irrigation pumps, etc. Aesthetically pleasing, as well as
doing the job very well.
For chemistry buffs, there's a video presentation on lustre process
(ceramic), and a lot about distillation.
A lot on astrology, geography (mapping/cartography, exploration),
mathematics, modern medicine, military science.
Also a booth on Program Angkasawan - getting to know what exactly the
program is. No batu seremban on display, though.

pity that not many are interested in attending it. perhaps it costs next to
nothing to get inside the exhibition.
they give out souvenirs, by the way:
pens, memo pad, poster calendar, bookmarks (with lucky draw stub - prizes:
hamper, thumbdrive, handphones, laptop, plasma tv. i missed 2 digits
yesterday for winning a handphone).

Dato' Jamaluddin Jarjis (JJ) was there for quite a while browsing through
to see how things are going on. He's quite deligthed that many young ones
(IPT students) taking their time attending the exhibition. He chatted and
pointed out why the exhibition is organized, and brought to Malaysia from
Frankfurt (UN's request to have the same exhibition was rejected, btw).
I had the opportunity to thank him for working out on this exhibition as

It will end in KL Conv Ctr on Sunday (there'll be lucky draw for plasma tv
that day). After that, they'll move to National Science Centre - a bit far
from city center.
I urge all of us to attend the exhibition. Not to be missed.

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