Thursday, April 12, 2007

x-stitch: materials galore

i went to Ampang Park during lunch yesterday for banking purposes.
took a short stroll, window shopping.
and i saw a shop on the 2nd floor having lots of DMC materials.
i was so happy, i went nuts! but of course, i didn't show it.
they cater all kinds of strands with full range of colours. normal cotton
strands, linen, rayon, multi-colored.
you name it, they'll most likely to have it.
and there are DMC & Zweigart Aida cloth, and linen evenweave. there's also
waste linen available.
many types, many colours.
there are also coloured charts by DMC as well as other individual
these are much better compared to the black ink charts copied on red papers
commonly found in neighborhood craft store.
on displays are completed projects on 14 HPI Aidas, 25 HPI evenweave. looks
realistic and pleasing.
(if you're wondering, HPI is holes per inch. 14 HPI cloth has 14 holes in a
length of one inch).

here's the address (yes, free advertisement):
Haby & Wools
Lot 316 & 317, 2nd Floor
Ampang Park Shopping Complex
Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2161 5346
Fax: 03 2715 7217

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asr said...

never know what HPI is, at least today i learn something, hahaha... Me enjoy reading ur writing, keep updating ya...