Friday, February 16, 2007

calling mommy - phones for the golden aged

i was asked by the tea lady while making instant coffee in the office
pantry, to assist her with her brand new handphone.

now here's the scenario:
she's no techie
she speaks and understands Malay only
she's using prepaid
the phone is supplied by her daughter
purpose of the phone: to get connected with her daughter (rather, her
daughter to connect with her - usual stuff: asking about health, her
welfare, emergencies)

by 'no techie', i mean:
she's not technology-savvy
she's intimidated by electronic gadgets - easier to say no to learn
about the complex features of the gadget
can basically live without such gadgets

reflecting upon the local trend of handphone connectivity provider (maxis,
celcom, digi, etc.), they focus upon the young ones.
look at their ads and promotions.
i can't really remember a package that is tailored to suit the elderly and
the non-techies.
or a handphone with simple enough features to fit her needs, for that sake.

connectivity have to go in tandem: the hardware (the phone) and the
connectivity package (postpaid, prepaid).
in the case of the tea lady, her problem rests much upon the hardware. the

getting back on her circumstances, she needs a handphone that would be:
simple, straightforward to use
having very minimal features
user-friendly GUI with large iconic menu - and without trails of
submenus: they'll get lost at the bottom of the menu, and panicking to
get back to where they started off

in short - something that resembles a public phone, or a house phone.
they'll be very comfortable with that.
to make calls: pick up, hear the dial tone, and press the numbers.
once finished talking, put it down.
to receive calls: pick up the phone, and speak.
simple. hassle-free.

to sony-ericsson, nokia, motorola, and the likes:
if you like my idea (in whole or in part), we can discuss further about
this, including my royalties.

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