Friday, January 23, 2009


Tagged by Lydia, and this has been long overdue.

1. Senaraikan 5 perkara tentang org yang tag kamu:
  1. Her name is Lydia
  2. She works in MMHE, attached with PMDP
  3. Hard on the outside, but actually mellow inside. She said so.
  4. She likes to bloop
  5. She always melalut in her blog
2. Tuliskan novel kegemaran kamu:
Michael Crichton's 'The Great Train Robbery'.
Was written in the year I was born!

3. Listkan 5 benda yang kamu sayang:
  1. my Titus watch - a wedding gift from my wife. later will pass on to my kids. an heirloom, sort of.
  2. my wallet - a storage for my family portrait, ID, driving licence, bankcard, and cash (yup, no credit cards). also a wedding gift, but replaced with a similar one. the old one still nicely kept.
  3. my ultra sophisticated handphone - Nokia 1200. actually, the data in it. and the emergency flashlight. my PDA as well also lah, like that...
  4. books
  5. bicycles
Now, these people are tagged by me:
Huar huar huar...


Anonymous said...

wa..ade bukunyer? pinjam boleh?heheheh

akmalhizam said...

Tapi bukunya ada kat Plentong.
Email me, I'll inform you whenever it is with me, okay.

en_me said...

naper tak letak LINK kat people tagged by you.. uhuhu, salammmz dr me dikejauhannnns