Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Aussie T-Shirt

My friend Noraidalin went Down Under and bought me a t-shirt.
Okay, I asked for the t-shirt. For free.

And sure enough, she gave me a piece. Quite nice. Very comfortable. Unlike the usual thin, low quality type. I like the color too.

The thing that makes it special is what printed on the t-shirt.

I'm a bit of a collector, and so it's nice to have a collection of Australian slangs in one piece of cloth.

Here's the list:

  • wally
  • gone walkabout
  • chock a wobly
  • stone the crows
  • no worries
  • bloody oath
  • stunned mullet
  • crikey!
  • hows that!
  • sheilla
  • you beauty
  • bonza!!
  • down under
  • fair crack of the whip
  • turn it up
  • mug lair
  • too right
  • amberfluid
  • footy
  • flatout like a lizard drinkin
  • strewth!!
  • onya
  • yobbo
  • she'll be right
  • g'day mate!
  • fair dinkum
  • spot on
  • tinnie
  • flamin heck
I've heard a few, like the familiar "Down Under", "G'Day Mate!","spot on", "no worries" and "fair dinkum".
Totally no idea what the rest means.
Go and figure them out:
google 'aussie slang' or 'strine' and you'll get quite a handful of hits.

Thanks for the t-shirt, Lin!
Where'll you be going after this?

*updated 21 Feb 2014. thanks to Robbie and Michelle for informing me the correct link above :)

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Noraidalin Buang said...

You actually listed down all the words!!! Very un"sangka"rable of you.
This Sheilla wishes to go to Italy next. Perhaps the real deal Ferrari will be nice. Not!