Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what's your cup of tea?

Lately at the office I'm quite fond with tea compared to the usual instant coffee and chocolate drinks. My draughts(wo)man also make a jug of tea for a few of us to enjoy. This morning, the jug is upgraded to a bigger one so that many more could share.

Last night Naza and I were shopping for groceries, and we were looking for teabags. Usually we go for Lipton, but last night she wanted to have those 'top shelves' kind of tea. Tesco (being British) stocks quite a good array of tea selection, including their house brand. We narrowed down three brands - Dilmah, Ahmad Tea and Twinings. So many different kinds of tea. We took home Twinings, for we could have assortment of teas in a box.

It costs about RM8 for 25 individually wrapped, 5 types of tea. That comes to about 30 sen each. Imagine how Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves, Starbucks, et. al. make when they sell you a cuppa.
We tried one in the middle of the night - Earl Grey.
Superb! Love it. With a hint of citrus, it's refreshing but not in the lemon tea kind of way.
Here's a list of what's in the pack:
  • English Breakfast
  • Prince of Wales (apparently a blend of tea from China)
  • Earl Grey
  • Lady Grey
  • Darjeeling
The flavours range from 'light' to 'medium' strength.
There's also 'Afternoon Tea', but we'll get that and some other types later.

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Jules a.k.a. Bunnybaby said...

Whoa! Sounds and looks tempting. Must try afterwards. My favourite is Ahmad Tea, and usually my choice is Peach & Passion :-)