Sunday, September 27, 2009

Norzah the writer

He's an old hand when it comes to writing. Only this morning I discovered that he's been blogging since 2007.

He's my uncle, by way that his wife is Ibu's cousin. A retired government servant, I have high respect upon him. I still remember that morning while at the neighbourhood mamak shop buying things that Ibu asked me to buy. I caught a glimpse of his face on the front page of a newspaper (memory not so fantastic, can't recall which newspaper). I was only 9 at that time, and buying a newspaper was never in my shopping list. I bought that paper (instead of the usual Kiki chewing gums), for Uncle's face was on the front page giving his thoughts on something, as a somebody from MAMPU.

I guess he's one of my role models (also his wife, Aunty Bong) when I was growing up. You know, a kampung boy (and girl) who went to further their studies in universities overseas, hold high ranks in government, successful, makes folks at home proud. Drives a Volvo. That sort of thing.
Only very much later I found out that he's an avid writer. He gave me a thick novel as a gift when I visited him after I graduated. A Malay novel that he wrote - Saga.

As a tribute, I put his blog link in my blogroll. Love to read your thoughts, Uncle.

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