Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Umar is a week old today

I guess I'm like any other young parents with their new babies.

What I observe is that when you ask these young parents (usually for their first and second child) 'How old is your baby now?', they would almost invariably give you the answer in term of days (some with hours).
2 weeks and 3 days.
4 months and 15 days.
9 days and 4 hours.

Perhaps I am still a young parent...

Anyway, I am recollecting my skills in handling Umar. I'm glad that I found myself able to handle his fragile body - change nappies, his (now) baggy clothings, and bottle feed him.

One thing I'm still struggling to keep up with: sleep deprivation.

Above all, we are truly grateful for he is a no-fuss baby. Alhamdulillah for this blessing, and numerous others, so far within this 6 days and 22 hours.

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roslan said...

wohoo .. baby baru erk .. congrats2 ...