Friday, March 12, 2010

16 more bags

Out of 50 of Tesco Finest Earl Grey teabags, I have 16 more to go to.
Have to endure this one, for I don't want to waste it. If you'd like to help me out, I'm glad to share with you some of the 16 bags. Come around my office for a cuppa.

I'm switching to Twinings' next. Much better aroma and taste than Tesco's. If you have Dilmah's Earl Grey, can I buy one teabag from you for a sample?

There are mixed reviews for Tesco's Finest Earl Grey. Compare the two links I'm providing here:

Me, I'm not buying Tesco's anymore.
Oh, darn it. I have a few more of Tesco's at home, too. Come around this weekend, we'll have a chat over a cup of Earl Grey. Bring your own biscuits.


Faizah Roslaini said...

Twinnings is the best i'm tellin' ya. Dilmah and Ahmad are lousy especially with that price, you would have thought that there should be a good hint of bergammot.

There isnt. Any.

Twinnings' is the best definition of Earl Grey. EVER.

akmalhizam said...

Ha! I bought a pack of Twinings Earl Grey based on your comment and my previous adventure.

Have to agree with you, plus on the box it says that the Earl commissioned Twinings to recreate the gift tea that he got.