Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My FOUR Birthday Cakes

the 4 yummy birthday cakes, from Naza and kids.
clockwise from 12 o'clock: custard pudding wrapped with sponge layer, earl grey with walnut, walnut choc and blueberry-vanilla.
yes, it's earl grey!
My mailbox was overwhelmed with notifications from Facebook on my virtual wall yesterday. It started on Monday with a birthday wish from Smé (thanks heaps, bro). Until today, the birthday wishes kept coming in. Thank you, everyone.
I didn't really celebrate my birthday, to be honest. It was a normal day as usual. Albeit, I was elated with the birthday messages that I received from friends through Facebook, Google Buzz, Geni and SMS. Hmm... all digital.
At home Naza prepared for a nice celebration with the kids. She went to Jusco Permas Jaya with earlier in the evening. Adam relayed this as soon as I entered the door to bring my bicycle in after the ride from office.
"Ayah, we went to the Body Shop just now, mak was looking for massage oil", he excitedly quipped. I managed to maintain a straight face while smiling inside.
After Maghrib, I set the nice looking cakes on the plate and we ate them together (after I shot the photos). It was simple and nice celebration.
True enough, Naza gave me a nice box from Body Shop. There's a massage oil (no surprise there), a tub of Kistna hair and body wash, and a bottle of Kistna EDT. Marsya gave me a key chain, wrapped, with a small card that she made herself . Adam bought me a cheese loaf which I brought to the office this morning. Umar gave me a sweet smile when he saw me, awoke from his sleep.
Couldn't ask for more. Thank you, y'all. I appreciate it very much.
Now, if you do want to give me a birthday present... hmm...

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