Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Food: White Brick Oven

I baked our own bread many years back (only for a short while) using the automatic bread maker that Naza redeemed through Cosway. Quite simple, really. You put in the ingredients the night before and leave it on overnight. The next morning is a beautiful dawn greeted by the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread. It tastes good, but one day the machine broke down. So was my bread making.

In April's edition of Going Places (food issue), the mag featured an interview with Mustafa, the man behind White Brick Oven. I filled the 40 minutes flight from JB to KL in awe, and from the descriptive texts therein (with photographs) I could almost smell their wonderful bread.

I'd consider dropping by their place for their good loaves, next time I'm in KL with the family, time permitting InsyaAllah. Of course, would be informing them 2 days in advance for our take home orders.

Price list is here. Yes, quite steep but I'm sure they're worth it. Things that take time are always worth it. And you can't rush art, right?

Read their blog here.

Perhaps I'd chat up with Mustafa and get some pointers on bread making at home for weekends (when I don't ride, of course).

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