Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lively Newscasting

I watched a weather report/forecast over the CNN this morning. What made me interested on watching it is how the presenter was doing it.

She appeared very relaxed and joyous, making mundane  information appears interesting. With the help of graphics, of course. But mostly I'd say it is because of her personality.

This, and at the conclusion of her session - at the transition of handing back to the news anchor. The anchor held her on and they had a short chat; quipping about how 'fly' the weather girl was. The weather girl replied enthusiastically and they exchanged a few lines afterwards. A friendly morning chat with a colleague in the office. So human.

Now why can't we have it like that in our daily dealings and interaction with other people? Meetings are so formal that it sucked souls, and people are not as relaxed as they  could be. Let's change that. Let's be more human.

And hopefully our newscasters are not too uptight no more.

Have a great day. Greet other humans.

For the record, this is my first blog entry typed entirely from my Xperia Active smartphone.
Sent over Gmail, while on board KLIA Express towards KL Sentral.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your post! Yes. What you've said makes perfect sense. People often confuse being casual with ineffectiveness but it is hardly true. As far as I have noticed, people who are more casual in their everyday interactions are more confident people.