Saturday, January 01, 2005

been to my pages yet?

i've put up a personal website (thanks Geocities) earlier this week. you can visit the site here.

the main idea is for me to share wallpapers [1024x768] and a series of windows keyboard shortcut 'tutorial', with those who might be interested.

it had been quite a while since the birth of the idea that i finally put up the website. big thanks to adlee for giving me a little nudge (and this piece of photo for one of the wallpapers).

it's nothing quite spectacular, but it's there now, finally.

1 comment:

Durbanite said...

Imagine that pic was taken with a 0.6MP Sony Digicam TRV-18E where an 8MB mem stick could store 120 of those pics. Know anyone with a time machine?