Monday, January 03, 2005

time lag

just now i realised that there is a time lag between the clock on my PC and the time stamp on my blog entries.
it is actually a 16 hour lag. it's 4pm local time in Malaysia (+8 GMT) when i post this entry.

how about you? what's your time lag?


akmalhizam said...

i tinkered about with the settings on my blogsite today.
no wonder. time was set at -8GMT. this is corrected now to +8. no more time lag.
also there are many other neat features on the blogger settings, such as mail-to-blogger which gives an email address for you to send you blog entries and will be published on you blogsite. very nice for a free thingy.

Durbanite said...

I was preparing a comment last night, tapi petir forced me to switch-off my machine. FYI, 3 months ago, modem aku died of natural causes, I suspect it was a spike through the phone line. Hooray for warranties (this one had a 5 year!). Anyway, I had set mine to Johannesburg time, you must've set yours to Singapore or KL?