Monday, January 03, 2005

wish you a better year ahead

new year is not a public holiday in Johor (swap with Awal Muharram), and this year it falls on a Saturday. not working at the office, free to work at home (chores - basuh lantai, kemas garage, fixing stuff around the house).
as usual, no new year resolutions for me (been a few years now). still with the old one - improve myself continuously. not much pressure there.
start working in the new year today, and the feeling is good. fresh and energized. is it because of it's a new year or is it because it's a Monday, i'm not sure and don't really care. i feel really good.
happy new year and may this year makes you and i better persons, prosperous and happy.

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Durbanite said...

Being on the other side of the fence where Xmas & New Year is when orang2 kat sini buat midnight mass which is similar to sembahyang raya kita, aku understand what it means to me and it's just the 1st day of the new calender year. I, like you never got into annual resolutions, just mini resolutions when I identify the need. So, maybe Johorians got their priority right, kita should identify with Awal Muharram more than we do NY as muslims. Agree? *I do enjoy the fireworks a lot.