Monday, February 12, 2007

Mars, Venus

I went to a warehouse sale in Petaling Jaya last two weeks and bought a
book there (yes, they sold books).
A few titles caught my attention. Initially I got hold of them (Tuesdays
With Morrie, Dale Carnegie's title - forgotten), but then I resolved to
buying this book:
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray, PhD.

I've seen the book every time I browse any good bookshop. It must be good.
But then again, perhaps it might be cliché as well. I don't really like
As it was sold at RM28, I decided to get it and have a read.
The first chapter is enlightening. How simple the behaviours of Martians
and Venusians are!

If I hadn't be so ignorant all these years, I would have read the book and
save unwanted bad feelings towards the opposite sex (or win their hearts).
This applies especially to my beloved wife.
Now I'm up to chapter 3, and would continue on, insyaAllah.

I encourage you to take up that book, and have a read - at least chapter 1
(you'll want to read chapter 2 after that, believe me).

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