Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i live in plentong

Following a thread of email conversation between Man I, Jali and I; it struck me how lucky I am right now living in Plentong.
Come this October, it will mark my 10th year living in Johor.
Currently I'm staying in Plentong, and loving it.
Funnily, whenever I mention that I'm staying in Plentong, people (mostly those living in Pasir Gudang) would give this remark:
"that's a bit far..."
Well, I don't think so.
Naza and I are working in JB and Pasir Gudang respectively.
Plentong is actually midway between JB and PG. Both ways from Plentong are around 16 to 18 kilometers.
The trend nowadays is that public amenities and facilities are built around the township. People in PG does not need to go outside of PG for shopping, school, work, entertainment (okay, well, they have to go to Tebrau City near Johor Jaya - that's nearby Plentong), and etc.
Likewise, for people in Plentong. In fact, I would say that Plentong has everything to offer (except that we have to travel outside our area to work/school).
We have all the hypermarkets in our vicinity. Giant, Tesco (Seri Alam and Plentong), Carrefour and Jusco (Permas Jaya and Tebrau City).
Recently Tesco Extra opened in Plentong following the takeover of Makro (and much easier to shop in Giant now, as there are fewer people).
Within the hypermarkets, there are other shops, family restaurants as well as public amenities.
In Giant: A post office, Traffic Police (to pay your summons), SenQ, Courts Metro, RHB Bank, Alliance Bank, ATMs (Eon Bank, Maybank, AmBank, BSN, RHB, Alliance, CIMB).
I have yet to take a comprehensive tour of Tesco Extra, but there's a Shakey's Pizza over there (the only one so far in JB, I think).
I used to send Avanza for service in Larkin (the nearest service center). Since the last 1 year Mutiara Motors opened a Toyota sales and service center just 5 minutes drive from where I live. Right opposite it is a Petronas station with A&W restaurant to boot.
Starting from 18th of this month, the surau nearby has started holding Jumaat prayers.
Well, in short, I don't have to travel to JB city anymore for anything. In fact, it has been quite some time since I last went to City Square in JB.
All I'm saying is that I'm grateful for all the convenience I'm having, living in Plentong.
Oh yes, one more thing: there'll be an Ikea opening soon (don't really know how soon) in Tebrau City area. Yippee!

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akmalhizam said...

Wow! Tesco Extra in Plentong is currently the biggest in the country.