Friday, July 11, 2008

what are you looking at/for II (cycling)

i'm very much into cycling nowadays.
because of that, i think, everything i see is about bicycles.
i noticed that i my head would turn whenever i see a pedaling machine, whatever kind it is.
this scares me a bit.

on the other hand, i think, cycling is picking up pace in Malaysia.
a few days ago, a newspaper covered about Bernard Chandran. It was also highlighted that one of his passion is cycling. the fact that he owns a rm24k bike is another thing, though. the main thing is that people takes up cycling. doesn't matter if it is for weekend foray offroad, or riding to work.

well, in the topic of celebrity cyclist:
there are three more i know of:
azlee senario, the comedian (owns a bicycle shop in tambun, perak).
riezman khuzaimi, the actor (also selling bike parts online).
haliza misbun (rides mountain bike, as well as roller blading, etc.).

well, i'd like to think that cycling is picking up pace and as a guy said it: it makes sense as an alternative transport.
obvious benefit to your health, and wealth.
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Noraidalin Buang said...

As an environmentalist, I'm totally behind you dude. Went to Singapore last week, walked across the causeway on way to JB (due to the jammed pack traffic)and was surprised to see 3 people cycling. Way to go for these dudes! Perhaps it's time the 2 government ban motorbikes crossing the causeway and encourage bicycles to be used. Cleaner air, healthy dudes and dudettes.