Monday, August 11, 2008

happy birthday?

okay, my birthday is a long way to go.
i just want to say that i don't really celebrate my birthday.
my wife and kids do. so, i celebrate theirs - with the usual stuff: cake and presents.

i just can't see the logic of celebrating how you are one year older today. not that i'm avoiding the subject of getting older. it is just so irrational.

however, i do propose celebrating the day of your birth with your parents - especially your mother. the day is for them, not for you.
it is more logical - we are saying how grateful we are to them.
that very day xx years ago our mothers were in excruciating pain for hours, putting their lives on the line to give birth to us. our fathers were anxious (if not panic) in the labour room, while letting their hands being crunch so hard they were bruised by the lady in labour.
i'm a father, i know this.

well, i did once send through internet delivery a cake and a message to Ibu and Ayah a few years ago. i don't know how they reacted. but i know they felt appreciated. that's exactly what i meant to convey to them.

imagine if you're a parents with 5 kids.
wow! five cakes (and presents) in a year (six if you count in anniversary celebration as well).

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