Tuesday, August 26, 2008

turning point: 037/91

I was curious to know what is behind the name of Nike's Lance Armstrong 10//2 apparel.
Lance Armstrong is a 7-times winner of Tour de France. An amazing feat.
But why '10//2'?

It turns out that it is actually a date - October 2nd, 1996.
The date when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

That date is significant for him. It is his turning point in life. He marched on, and achieved what many would only dream of.

I asked myself, what was my turning point in life?
The best answer is when I stepped my foot in MRSM Jasin in 1991.
A big world opened up to me, as I discovered the love of knowledge. A love weaved with discovery of the beauty of Ad-deen.
Plus a bonus: I make news friends coming from all over Malaysia.
My significant number for this one: 037/91 - that's my college number.

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