Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Naza's Schwinn Mesa

Only this morning i managed to snap photos of Naza's Schwinn Mesa.
Currently I'm building another hardtail. When it's finished, I'll swap that with her Mesa.
Oh, and that's Johnny the cat. He accompanied me while I was busy over the nights building this bike.


BC Kelolo said...

So...how d'ya feel when the bike was completed? Exhalted?

It was not what bike you put together...It was the process of getting it together that counts...

Inexplicable satisfactory, huh?

akmalhizam said...

Indeed! Puas.
Yeap, agree with you.
It's a long process, stumbled here and there.
I'm so lucky because there are always sources available for tips and tweaks.
In the end when I look at it, the beauty is not only skin deep. Beyond the scratched and battered (even a bit cracked headtube) secondhand frame, there's a long story behind it's existence.
That sentimental reason made me decide to keep it for myself, and hand over the GT to my wife.
Some may not able to understand, but it is somewhat special.
I can't thank you much.
Huaarrghhh... tak dapat nak digambarkan dengan kata². Even if pictures paint thousands of words, it can't be explained still.