Monday, December 15, 2008

Hexagon Pi-Water Filter from Cosway

Naza and I bought the unit from Cosway for our home in Seri Alam, and I (who else?) installed it the day after.

The unit is fairly of a moderate size. Not too big (compared to the other Cosway 6-stage purifier). Just nice for our really basic kitchen sink unit in our really small kithcen. It was very easy to set up (no lengthy installation instructions booklet as well), and I drank the first cup only 5 minutes from the start of installation. Well, not literally the first cup coming out of the filter. Initially the water was a bit blackened - probably from the charcoal?

I tested the water for presence of chlorine by using the tester supplied together with the unit. No reaction - a good sign. The thing that blew me way was the distinctively sweet taste of the filtered water. Also, the flow coming out of the filter is quite high - perhaps because of the simple piping route and also the large contact area of the ceramic filter.

At an offer price of RM295 (RRP RM395), we're happy with it. Expect the price of replacement cartridge to be at about RM100, for a recommended usage of about a year. Well, if you install a pre-filter, that period between replacements would be extended.

Get in touch with me if you'd like to own the experience.


Noraidalin Buang said...

Yo, I've been using this for the last 2 years. The most cheapest there is for a water filter in this whole universe. What more can you complaint about?
Bagus artikel hang nih, boleh tambah jualan Cosway gua :P.

Anonymous said...

I think sometime cheaper doesnt mean bad quality at all.

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