Friday, December 19, 2008


Naza's trifle: sponge cake as base layer, pudding in the middle and topped with jelly and fresh strawberries

We had our first dinner in Seri Alam last night, with Ayah and Ibu joining us.

For the occasion, Naza made trifle for our dessert.
First try and she made it super.

Another special dish was Siakap Masak Tomato. Literally translated as Siakap cooking the tomato. Hehe... kidding...
Naza prepared the dish. The fish. The fish dish. Hey, it rhymes.
Delishes fish dish. Heheehh...
(don't bother about the spelling)


hurul said...

arkk..!! tergoda..

Anonymous said...

nak jugak!!!!!!

request..buat lagi satu...