Thursday, December 04, 2008

this is a special entry to promote a merchant website owned by a friend of mine

My friend Arnizah helped me deliver chocolates (and a bonus 3 stalks of roses) to Naza on our anniversary recently.

I forgot to order from her much earlier, and so I gave her a quick call during lunch time that day asking if she could help me for the special occasion. Not really knowing what to send Naza as a surprise delivery, I asked Arnizah for her suggestions, within my budget. She came out with a few options, and we agreed on chocolates. And, she delivered it herself a few hours later.

An sms from the happy missus confirmed the delivery.

In return of Arnizah's big help, I'm doing this free advertisement for her as my sincere gratitude.

Browse through her catalog at
Bookmark it, just so you know where to go to for gift deliveries online.

note: the Sarawak layer cakes are from Sarawak.

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