Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Darjeeling from Darjeeling

My office mate Kartini handed me the nicely packed Darjeeling tea yesterday morning. Her husband went to India for a short stint for a project he's attached to (yes, 3 months is considered short), so I asked if he could bring back some Darjeeling for me. Although it's not what I wanted (loose leaf), I treasure it because it's authentic India Tea from Darjeeling. The brand is Golden Tips Tea.
If not for Ramadhan, I would have made a cuppa yesterday, right then. Eventually I made some for Naza and I to sample last night. She boiled the water and I prepared the tea.
Perhaps I put too little of the tea leaves in the water, it's not quite as black as I wanted. However, the body is there, and I like the aroma. Darjeeling is touted as the 'champagne of tea' by aficionados, but I think I have yet to attest to that. Well, I favour tea nowadays compared to coffee for a beverage, but I have yet to sample the whole spectrum of teas available, except for Earl Grey which I love (only from Twinings, though) and our (Naza and I) current favourite - Boh Cameronian. Will make some more, and perhaps I'll try the tea recipes too.
Did I mention that Tini refused to take $ from me for the tea?
Thanks, you both.
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