Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An hour with Hazami

I sent an SMS the other day:
Would like to purchase your albums Nyata and dbl album Yang Pertama/Running to complete my collection. Surfed your website, but no online purchase facility.
Akmal Hizam
That was replied by a call from him, and we ended up chatting for an hour (and a little bit). Such a pleasant surprise.
It has been more than 15 years since A-Level years, and that hour was filled with trying to locate the whereabouts of my 12H classmates, and talk about the things during those 2 fantastic, crazy years (being with a bunch of crazy people). Well, my memory still serves me good. Of course, if I have facebook access it would be much easier.
He's not sure if Nyata is still available, and he doesn't have a copy for me to buy but he has copies of the double album. However, he would not accept $ from me if I were to get it from him.
Now there's my dilemma. The reason for me to buy from him is to get a signed copy, and to support local artiste*. If I get it from him, I would definitely get a signed copy, but surely I have to keep my $.
Anyway, to grant a man's wish, I sent another sms to him with my home address.
*artiste (in my dictionary): at least singer songwriter. usually able to play musical instruments. ability to dance or act merely a plus e.g: Reza Salleh, Mei Chern, Yuna.

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