Wednesday, October 15, 2008

12 H - down the memory lane

L to R (standing):Hamidi, Hanafi, Akmal, Saufi, Syed Mahadzir, Herwandi, Hazami, Amsur
L to R (seating): Hanizah, Melissa, Rosdiana, Ms. Kiranjeet Kaur, Faizal, Hisham, T Roslan, Izham

this post is especially for Tengku Roslan.
bro, reminisce...

Class 12 H (12 Hantu)
PPP/ITM A-Level batch 12
Shah Alam

People studying A-Level in 12 H are divided into 3 different degree courses:
Architecture, Quantity Surveying and Industrial Design.
Partly arts and partly science in nature, we took 3 papers for A-Level exams - Maths, Physics and Economics (hmmpphhhh...).

  • Herwandi
  • Amsur
  • Faizal
  • Hisham
Quantity Surveying:
  • Hanafi
  • Akmal
  • Saufi
  • Syed Mahadzir
  • Melissa
  • Rosdiana
  • Izham
Industrial Design:
More than 10 years later now, we parted our own ways.
Many I don't know what they're doing right now, most of them I get in touch every now and then.
What I know is that Faizal and Rosdiana are married to each other.
I changed my course from QS to Mechanical Engineering during the first year of university in NCUK. I guess the rest pretty much stick to the original plan, except for T and Izham. They're doing IT related work now.
Oh, and Hazami is a singer now - doing the thing he loved best.

So, guys: a reunion some time this year?


Noraidalin Buang said...

Bro, how come you looked cuter and naughtier (more interesting)?? These days so solemn and "alim" looking...nak dekat pon takut...

akmalhizam said...

oit. always have been la. tanya Naza.

masa tu masih single and free.
tapi tgh dok usha2 Naza.

solemn and alim?
whoa... i give out the wrong impression to people ka?
this reminds me of one topic i'd like to write about.

Anonymous said...

Bro , lapt .

you know i will read this , and definetely will put a comment , since u mentioning me directly there .

Ah .. zmn belia remaja ..

actully i still feel tht im at 24-26 , trapped in the body of ..


hv fun there.

akmalhizam said...

same here.
although i feel more like 25.
hati mesti muda beb... baru muka nampak ceria.
tapi kena beringat yang kita ni makin tua.