Monday, March 07, 2011

CD: Reza Salleh - Realize

I bought his six song CD, Smoke City, released a few years ago at KLPac lobby, during intermission at KL Sing Song gig. Listening to him while admiring his fingerworks on the guitar, live, was breathtaking. Unfortunately I haven't got the chance to attend his Moonshine gigs as my stint in KL was over, just as I had gotten to know about Reza Salleh.
As the usual about me, I get to know about news very, very late. He realized and released his latest CD in November last year. From the listing of places available to get my hands on his offering, I had to resort to online order. Available in music stores only around KL, Singapore and Thailand. Well, that makes it easy for me to decide, then.
I placed an order and made payment on 1st March, and received it this afternoon. 4 working days is not laju at all. Compare that with having to go to KL myself, well...
There are 16 tracks on the CD, 5 of which appeared previously in Smoke City(underlined), either as demo tracks or acoustic version:
what the hell just happened i'm not really sure
sunsets with you
a relic is what i live in
the dotted line
angan-angan permata
ocean spanning sorrow
rest & relax
for her
50 down the way
smoke city
for her (solo acoustic)
6 tracks in Smoke City can't give me enough of Reza Salleh. Hope that the newer 10 numbers are as good, if not better (I have only had a round of listening for now, and my favourites are sunsets with you, battery - the full version music arrangement is awesome and for her - solo acoustic). However, yeah, I bet it wouldn't top his acoustic, live performances.
I believe so.

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