Tuesday, July 31, 2007

musical friday, jalan strachan and short of cash

I went with Tamyiz to KL PAC for the KL Sing Song on Friday 20th July.
There were two parts, separated by an intermission.

Mesmerized by the performances, I grabbed a couple of CDs on sale at the counter during the break. One from Mei Chern, and another from Reza Salleh. Well, Reza was yet to perform on the 2nd part, but I'm convinced that he's good. Indeed, he is.

The organizer planned the performance sequence quite well. Saving the very best for last. Too bad, I didn't have any more cash to buy Mia Palencia's single CD 'Sayang'.
Well, sayang sekali....

The show ended around 11.00pm. Tamyiz let me drive the car, and so we cruised along the colonial buildings around KL PAC area. They were painted with memories of my childhood. A lot have changed, though. The memories remain, vividly. There used to be an oval field in front of an office building. I used to play football with my friends there, although it is not a playable field -
its existence was pretty much for creating a green landscape. Imagine playing football on a golf course - pretty much like that.

There were numerous KTMB office buildings at the end of Jalan Strachan - I used to play skateboard with Mike over there, and rode our bicycles around the buildings. Heck, we also did have a '100 meter' dash around the oval field. Complete with relay runs with batons. There were also hide and seek, and police and thieves, and tag - on bicycles.

Jalan Strachan used to be lined with KTMB quarters. I used to live at No 40 Jalan Strachan. Kids used to play everything along and on that road. BMX freestyle, tag, tennis, badminton, skateboard, roller skate, football, relay runs, marathons, bicycle race, police & thieves, kites, slippers & cards, rounders, chop (where you aim a running target - your friend - and shoot him with the tennis ball). It was not that busy, except during the morning, lunchtime and evening. It was the main road KTMB workers used to get to their offices and workshops, and go back home. It was a peaceful area, with lots of trees and many neighbours.

Now that most of the houses are brought down, the long stretch of road seems short. I couldn't locate the tree in front of my former dwelling. Thankfully, they still preserve the big trees lining the road. I hope that big old tree that provided shade for our house is still there.

Perhaps one day I could stroll along Jalan Strachan, and soak in the memories of my adolescence. Personally, I learnt how to ride a bicycle on Jalan Strachan. I had a fight with Devan on Jalan Strachan. We go to our neighbours houses during festives along Jalan Strachan. And I lost a cat on Jalan Strachan. I grew up with my friends on Jalan Strachan.

That night, as soon as we turned into Jalan Ipoh, and my memories of Jalan Strachan left something for me to smile, my stomach grumbled. Tamyiz and I were famish. We wandered to find a place to eat, and eventually brought us to an eatery in Gombak (yes, we wandered very far...). The food was quite good, and that is not because we were hungry and could eat anything.
It was a little bit after midnight, when the unthinkable happened. We were simply short of cash. Well, 3 ringgit short for our meals. I stayed at the eatery while Tamyiz went off to find an ATM to withdraw some cash.

Before going to the show, Tamyiz was from Shah Alam to fetch his car from his sister, and thought that he would withdraw cash on the way to KL PAC. As for me, I had some cash enough to pay for my ticket and dinner, and left much of my cash at home. Well, it was past midnight, and it didn't occur to us that all the ATMs are out of service.

Tamyiz drove to Setapak, even as far as Jalan TAR to look for an ATM that would churn cash. To no avail, he went back to Forum to get the cash. I was at the eatery in Gombak, until they are closing up. I went to the counter and paid for the meals, asking for an IOU of RM3 to be paid later ASAP. The man said ok, and they are closed for the day.
If I had used my charm earlier, I wouldn't end up stranded here in Gombak.

I waited for another 15 minutes, and Tamyiz finally arrived - with the'hard earned' 3 ringgit. Lesson learnt - pride could make you suffer, while other people aren't that interested in your pride, anyway. If you want to keep your pride (stupid ego) still, be well prepared, and have lots of cash to back it up!

There you go.

For the record, Tamyiz went to the eatery the next day for lunch - and paid the 3 ringgit.

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