Monday, July 23, 2007

eventful weekend

Last Friday (20 July), i had a chat with Alwie during breakfast in the
office pantry.
I gave a remark, asking if he had been to Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. He
was mildly surprised as to how I knew that he's been there.
Well, it was rather obvious, as he has his beverage in a mug that says
'Dewan Filharmonik Petronas'.
He is actually a subscriber of DFP. So, he frequented the hall.
It came to my knowledge that depending on the performances, the ticket
price is not that expensive. It could start from RM10.
For international series, that would be pricey. Starts around RM50.
Well, Alwie said I'm not the only who has that perception. Most people
think that events and happenings in DFP are expensive.
It is already end of July, and the season is coming to its end. The new
season will start in August.
I tried to look for more info on the net. Unfortunately, their site
requires latest Flash player, and the pc in library is not updated. And I
would need admin privilige to be able to install the latest player.

But, there's a silver lining.
I found another happening at KL Performing Arts Center (KL PAC).
Only for Friday and Saturday, they're hosting KL Sing Song 2007. Showcasing
Malaysian singer songwriters.
Live performance in acoustic setting (see
, or search in
8.30pm, RM25 free seating. Well that's great, provided I could confide
someone with a car to go with me.
And someone who loves music.

[ Musical Friday ]
I have long lamented about how 'artistes' in Malaysia are not really
They would only sing songs penned by famous writers, and would be
considered 'wow' if they could pen the lyrics.
An achievement if they could include a self-written song or two in their
upcoming fourth album (fourth being arbitrary number - those artistes in
Malaysia learn to be an artiste while making few albums).
Then they would learn how to play musical instruments. Master the English
language, as well.
I often compare them with musicians from the States. Billy Joel, Gary
Moore, Axl Rose (of G N' R), Diana Krall, Eminem, Alanis Morrissette,
Counting Crows, and many more to mention.
These guys are good and accepted because of who they are. They write the
music and lyrics about what they feel, and their ideologies.
And people love them. Their personality, and their stories.
In Malaysia, singers sing for the demand of listeners. If this year they
think dangdut is in, they'll sing dangdut.
Switch to R&B for the next album if the chart shows the demographic demand
has switched (and/or if the money is in certain genre).
Anyway, it is not quite a fair comparison. US music market is second to
none, for they have millions of listeners for any genre that their artistes
wish to explore. They could always have their share of audiences.

Strictly musical, I found it refreshing to know that we have talented
musicians in our land.
I have a certain degree of respect for them because of their talent, weaved
with their own personalities, expressed in their own style of musical art.
And they master it very well.

So, I went to KL PAC at Jalan Strachan last Friday night for the show.
It served two things for me.
One, to savour the live acoustic performance by talented Malaysian true
Two, to go back and see what Jalan Strachan is like after all these years.
Down the memory lane. The memory of Jalan Strachan (more of this, later).
Well, I could say I killed two birds with one stone.

There were 5 solos and 1 duo that night, over 2 parts.
First was Mili'z (singer & keyboard duo), Jerome Kugan and Mei Chern
Mei Chern's sultry rendering is particularly pleasing to my ears, reminisce
of Lisa Loeb. Plus her stringing on the guitar is excellent.
After the intermission, the second part featured Reza Salleh
(, Melinda William and Mia Palencia.
Reza's relaxed but complex stringing, with his soulful voice was very
entertaining. Mia's jazzy voice and excellent guitar playing was the top of
the night.
Truly, RM25 was well worth it. Oh, and another RM9 for Mei Chern's 3 songs
CD, RM10 for Reza's 6 songs EP. Well, the live performances are better.
If Friday's were that good, I'm pretty sure that Saturday's show would be
better. It features Pete Teo, and I'd like to know how the other 5 would
fare - Meor, Tan Sei Hon, Estrella, Shanon Shah & Azmyl Yunor.
Too bad, I couldn't go for Saturday's show. Was in JB by then.

[ Futsal on Saturday ]
Saturday morning, I took part in Technip Futsal Tournament 2007.
Sports Planet in Ampang. Played for Mechanical Engineering Department team.
That morning, only 6/8 of us were there, and we went on playing for the
group matches.
First game against Instrumentation B team, we lost 0-1.
Second game against Free Stars, we were reduced to only 5 as one of the
players need to go back to attend to his ill wife.
We forged on, and lost 1-3. Half the time we played with 4 men. One pulled
out due to injury.
2 more matches to go, we decided to pull out of the tourney. It would be
too taxing for the 4 of us left.
Personally, I think that's enough for my teamwork. At least I was there,
and to my own satisfaction, I scored Mech's only goal in the tourney this
Well, at least....

I took the 3.30pm bus from Puduraya to JB. The PLUS highway was smooth, and
reach Larkin at 8pm.
Three reasons for getting back to JB even only for a short while - a little
more that 24 hours:
1. to see my family
2. to attend Naza's cousin (Bud) wedding on Sunday
3. to collect my claim cheque from Rawani

Naza, mak and the kids fetch me that night. Oh, how wonderful it was when
the kids are happy to see me. Felt like a superdad.
Sent mak to Mummy's (Bud's mom) place for her to 'rewang' while the 4 of us
went for our family dinner at an eatery nearby.
11 pm and we were back in Plentong.

We went for the wedding on Sunday, and I collected my cheque in the

It was a rainy Sunday, and it poured throughout the evening until night. To
my surprise, my bathroom ceiling was trickling with water.
the floor is flooded. Luckily, it was flooding the bathroom (wet, anyway),
and a bit of outside the bathroom area.
It could be from either leaking roof, or overflowing tank.
Bought a tochlight at giant (and went for a haircut with Adam), climbed up
the ceiling, and discovered the cause of it.
It was the tank PVC piping - the glue holding the tee gave away and the
pipe disconnected.
Quick solution - connected back the pipe to the tee.
Picture paints a thousand words. So, took few photos of the leakage and
printed them.
Mak could use them to explain to Mr. Foo (renovator contractor) on Monday
for repair.

10.30pm and raced down to Larkin bus station. Reached just in time for my
bus to Puduraya.
Well, it was an eventful weekend, and I feel exhausted.

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