Monday, July 09, 2007

The Prisoner of Zenda

We went for a school play in Naza's school.
To be honest, i've never watched a school play, and it is quite
Naza bought tickets for all four of us - RM15 each. It's a bit expensive
for 7 and 5 year olds. But hey, it's for charity.
The play was an adaptation of a classic literature - The Prisoner of Zenda.
I had never read the book, so it is quite interesting to find out what the
story is all about, through a play.

The cast are entirely girls, so they have to put on costumes and make-ups
for male characters. and the costumes, they are nice and perfect. although,
i am quite reserved about young girls wearing barebacks and low necks. Naza
mentioned that they got those cinderella dresses and male suits from bridal
boutique. how befitting.

I enjoyed the play, and at times it felt quite touching and mesmerizing. i
felt the regret of not taking Naza to a play or panto while in Manchester
(and London West End).
Apparently the play is quite different from the plots in the novel. And it
was not actually about the prisoner in the place called Zenda in Ruritania.
More of the story of a doppelganger taking over the role of the king of
Ruritania, and going through a series of misfortunes. and the real king is
hidden in a prison in Zenda. and kept hidden in the play. so, for me, the
title is misleading.
Alas, it was quite a good experience. Perhaps i'll get to go to a play in
Istana Budaya while in KL one of these days.

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