Monday, July 09, 2007


Naza and I attended Marsya's school's PIBG annual general meeting end of
last month.
Well, it's the first for us.
I have forgotten how it was, PIBG meetings.
The meeitng proper started only at 11am. after a bruch. and before that, a
parade of performances from the school pupils and award presentation.
Marsya took part in the fashion show segment. I was quite reluctant with
it, but it was okay for year 1. Actually, I'd rather her to be involved in
music/orchestra/choir if she really needed (and want) to participate.

Guest of honor: Dato' Nur Jazlan Mohamad. he's the parliamentary member for
Kulai, and a chartered accountant (apparently in the dewan rakyat, there
are only 2 members who are chartered accountants). His father is the late
Tok Mat (Tan Sri Mohamad Rahmat), and the mother used to be a teacher in
that very school.

Sekolah Kebangsaan Infant Jesus Convent Johor Bahru (SKIJC) is Malaysia's
NUMBER ONE school for last year.
and this was evident with the long line of award recipients for 5As UPSR
achievers. 62 of them. i remembered my school having 10 or so students
scoring straight As during our Peperiksaan Penilaian Darjah Lima. Well done
to the students, and here's praying for more achievements for the school.

SKIJC herself is selected as a Cluster School (there's another one school
in Johor. By that, it is quite a privilege to be a part of the school.
And, hard work for the pupils, teachers, and parents. Moving forward: to be
a Gemilang School by 2009. Whatever that means, I have to find out.

Oh, and for the newly elected committee, they're good with relevant
Together we work towards a Gemilang School.

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