Friday, June 27, 2008

look ahead

Tony Robbins – in his book ‘Notes From A Friend’, he related his experience driving a race car, and avoiding crash.
Stephen Covey – in his book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, presented the concept of ‘Begin with the End in Mind’.
Napoleon Hill – in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, focuses on the word ‘desire’.
General mountain biking wisdom – used by racers and riders, and also documented in magazines and internet websites, put forth the skills of riding with the flow smoothly.

They have one thing in common – look ahead, positively.

To avoid crashing the race car to the barrier, look away towards the racetrack, not the barrier. The hands will somehow steer the car out of harm’s way, thus avoiding crash.
Begin with the End in Mind simply tells us that we have to visualize the outcome that we desire - positive ones, preferably.
Mr. Hill’s book is full of this word: desire. That is, the desire to be rich. For that, we should not only visualize that we are going to be rich, but also always think about it constantly, to make it second nature.
General mountain biking wisdom while in a race or leisure off-road riding, is to look ahead some 20 feet down the trail, acknowledge the obstacles that lie ahead, and flow over them with the bike. All this, while constantly on the look-ahead. Easy to say, but quite hard to do. Especially when seconds ago you noticed that there was a big rock ahead, and you are to ignore it now and just go over it somehow.
I am still learning to do that.

In life, these things apply. Find out more about it in Mr. Robbins, Mr. Covey, and Mr. Hill’s books. I’ll add another one: ‘The Secret’ by Ms. Rhonda Byrne.

Look ahead - positively.


Noraidalin Buang said...

Yup Bro, no matter how negative a situation is, try as hard as we can to find the positive in it (this is what Islam calls HIKMAH tersembunyi). Sometimes it's very very tough, but try to convince ourselves that the good side of it will prevail sooner or if not, later.
Nice topic!

akmalhizam said...

I'm thinking of making it as my topic for my P10 (Inspire Your Audience).
Have to come up with a full, proper speech.

Noraidalin Buang said...

Aiyah..kat blog pun boleh mention pasal toastmasters..I'm trying to avoid that...haiyakkk...

akmalhizam said...

I didn't. I gave only a hint.
You literally mention it, sis.