Monday, June 16, 2008

the right angle

we learn about the 'right angle' in maths.
it actually means an angle 90° perpendicular to a surface (or line).
in FRIENDS sitcom, Monica Geller (who is a neat freak) says:
"if it's not the right angle, it's the wrong angle".
this, she refers to the angle by which things should be aligned - to keep 'em neat.

in our everyday lives, i discovered that what she says is right.
take for instance pairs of shoes and sandals lying in front of the door.
the sight of strewn pairs all over the floor is unsightly.
however, if they are paired together and arranged - to the right angle - they become neat.
and the fact that they are smelly or dirty wouldn't really come to mind.

heck, you could even make a neat art out of garbage, in that sense.
just arrange them properly and neatly.

in toyota's 5S philosophy, it is called 'seiton' - although things don't necessarily arranged to the right angle.


Anonymous said...


its nice to 'hear' from you again..after all this years.

ex-classmate 92

akmalhizam said...

Watie, thanks for 'stopping by'. do come by here every now and then. it is not that active, but nevertheless...
give me your email address.
don't worry, it won't be published.