Tuesday, June 10, 2008


When should you have it done?

But there are so many things (as always) to do, with (as always) so little time…

What should you do first?
Do the big ones first, the smaller ones later.

Imagine filling a jar with pebbles and sands.
It is much easier to fill with pebbles first, and sands later.
Pebbles (big things) would have void spaces when they are filled into the jar.
The sands (smaller things) would occupy void spaces (or time).

Or, when you have to eat a frog, eat the ugliest (along the same line with biggest, scariest, slimiest) first.
Then, and only then you shall eat the sweetest, and juiciest frogs – take it as a ‘reward’.
Note that frog as a metaphor for things that we need to tackle in our lives.

Dr. Covey gives this helpful visual – the four quadrant matrix for importance and urgency:

The things that we need to constantly do is to work on our quadrant 2 items – important, but not urgent, to be proactive in the sense of preparing for future crisis. That is, to prevent as much crisis situation that could happen.

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