Thursday, September 04, 2008

go ahead, overtake me

If you're a driver behind me and driving recklessly, go ahead and overtake me.
Just because you're a few seconds late than I was on the road, you were driving like mad and feel the need to go in front of my car, and others too.
My elder brother Amri has this to say: If you'd like to be in front of me, be a few seconds earlier than I did.
Plain simple.

I really love it when a hurrying car behind overtakes only to find that he's behind a red traffic light.
Such a fool.

I'm a defensive driver. Ah Teck (of Masai's Pusat Memandu Berjaya) taught me so.
I've been in situations where saving a few seconds only meant wasting a few hours (or days) and tons of money.
The very thing to do is to go out and drive to the destination earlier that it should be.
That way, you won't be in a hurry. Simply enjoying the ride.

So yeah, if you want to have an accident of yours, go have it elsewhere. Not with me.
Go ahead, overtake me. I'm cruising just fine.


cejan said...

my sentiments exactly, which is why i prefer to drive on the left lane of the road, but even so, there are still drivers rushing to get in front off me.
does it really make such a big difference if you get ahead the distance of a car?

akmalhizam said...

good for you!

another plus for driving on the left lane is that it is actually faster as there are less traffic - especially in the morning towards pasir gudang.

perhaps because the adage is that 'the right lane is for fast drivers'. so, everyone from the left rush to the right, to be fast. works real fine for me.

as for the big difference: it has got something to do with ego.