Saturday, November 29, 2008

in memoriam - michael crichton

In Memoriam
Michael Crichton | 1942 - 2008

Michael who?

Chances are, you may have enjoyed his writings - in another media.
Many of his novels are adapted for the silver screen (and TV: ER the hospital drama series). Most notable is Jurassic Park. And a lot more, before and after that.

Melissa Yong introduced me this amazing medical doctor through his book Sphere. It was during my A-Level years. I was hooked right from the first page, and read many of his novels after that. In fact, I have a precious collection of his writings sitting in my bookshelf at home.

What I respect the most is that he digs deep into the subject through his research, and present it with his own rendering and laced with his own ideas.

My favourite? It has to be his autobiography - Travels.

I watched a few of his novels-turned-movies - Jurassic Park (trilogy), Twister (script), Timeline - but I reckon reading gives much more pleasure that movies just can't deliver. Oh, and I'm still looking for 'The Great Train Robbery' movie.


Anonymous said...


I notice you love reading can exchange books with PakLong...di melawati

akmalhizam said...

Thank you, Auntie.
My pleasure. One thing is to get the books in Melawati. The other big one is to return them. Selalunya pinjam kat library pun buat sumbangan paksa pasal lewat hantar.
Dah lama tak ke Melawati tu. I'll check out on the books if I'm there.